Thursday, 5 July 2018

Soundparking, common ground, wizard beards and imaginary smokes.

Yesterday I went to this open jam session for hardware enthusiasts at OHM club. The concept is simple; a large table, mixing desk, midi clock divider, and of course visitors that bring their synths, drumcomputers, modulars or weird self-build sonic widgets. Laptops and tablets not allowed. Plug and play. I brought the Volca Beats and my ZOOM G3 effects processor. In the beginning it took me a little searching in the frequency spectrum, to sort of find a place to park my sounds, so to speak. But then we were playing some nice groovy stuff, very enjoyable.

After a while I took a break and talked to some nice people who I had seen before when they were playing at Griesmuehle. This woman called Anna-Maria who performs with modular as Aporia Atopia and her partner Dennis (who at the gig accompanied her on guitar and fx). She is from Belgium and Dennis from the Netherlands. They've also lived in Antwerp for a couple of years so it was nice to have a chat covering some common ground. Anna-Maria does this youtube channel <--- that is I guess kind of similar to what Rijnder does under his Monotrail moniker. Worth to check out. I also had a brief chat with another a bit older guy (he rocks this grey wizard-y beard, was also at Griesmuehle) that would be interesting to talk to more the next time.

After the chitchats I had a look at the other participants and what they were playing with. It was a table filled with weird gadgets and a lot of modular systems. People were caressing their knobs and sliders, meanwhile taking puffs from joints and hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes. Everybody smokes here in Berlin, it's pretty hard not to. I am now trying a different approach; I just hang around with the smoking people and imagine that I'm smoking a cigarette. It's maybe going to work, like with the power of make believe and more of this imaginary stuff. Sometimes you got to trick the mind a little.

After having my cigarette not cigarette moment I played a bit more, but soon I felt like the music was getting louder and louder and with the earplugs I was wearing I couldn't hear anymore what I was doing. Decided that I probably was experiencing ear fatique and packed my gear and went home.

All in all a good first encounter with the Berlin electro-jam scene and I look forward to more interesting nights and people to encounter.

Friday, 15 June 2018


Below is a little review of the Floppy Jazz album by Frans De Waard of Vital Weekly magazine. I know him from the time I was living in Nijmegen and have invited him to participate on some early Oggy Records projects (3x12, Music For Imaginary Videogames, Listen To The Drums). Vital Weekly is probably the oldest web-review magazine out there and although the bulk of material reviewed is more about experimental, drone, field rec kind of music, I like to send my house and techno inspired output to the man and read what he thinks about it. Check out Vital Weekly here <--- and if you are into experimental music and like to read about it, subscribe to the mailing list.

THAVMATVRGIST - FLOPPY JAZZ II (cassette by Barreuh Records)

The former local (for me that is) musician Oscar Wyers has been active with a bunch of names and
releases, mainly on his own label, Oggy Records, but here sidesteps to Barreuh Records, from
Eindhoven, who operate in a likeminded lo-fi way, though their covers are neat silkscreened affairs.
The previous time Wyers used 'Floppy Jazz' in a title he worked as OGW, which perhaps sheds some
light on the slightly confusing output of this man. Rhythms, synthesizers and mechanical movements
are what his music is about, perhaps as the one consistent thing about it. I could never figure out to
what extent this is all composed using analogue gear (which I saw him use in concert) or through the
workings of Ableton Live (also witnessed by me in early stages of his career). I assume, judging by the
music on this new release, that it is all a bit more about using 'gear' and less 'software'. The music is
quite loosely played of sounds stuck together from rhythm machines, feeding off through a synth or
some sound effects, and is more or less improvised. There isn't much by way of organisation here and
also not really in the way of technology. Thavmatvgist is what some would call a 'freak', playing his
techno inspired lo-fi tunes as is, without much polishing and sometimes going on a bit too long.
Sometimes it is all pretty straightforward and sometimes all a bit more spacious and ambient, but
never losing that lo-fi edge, especially in the technical department that is. This is not dance music for
the masses, but for small audiences in basements or dancing (illegally) in forest parties, and
Thavmatvgist differs that his music doesn't exist only in the moment, like true techno freaks would
probably do but also by taping it and releasing it. The cassette is the perfect medium for this kind of
music and Barreuh a fine home for it. (FdW)
––– Address:

Thursday, 14 June 2018


Out now on Barreuh Records!


tags: experimental house / left field electronic music / lo-fi

Following his 2015 dizzying non-dance dance debut “Der Wechsel”, Oscar Wyers returns to Barreuh Records  with a new batch of spaced-out drum machine and synth jams. The 13 tracks on Floppy Jazz II showcase a broad palette of different styles and vibes, from distorted beats and acid motifs, off grid rhythm workouts and minimal excursions, to dreamy tropical island house tunes (the kind with creeping cannibals behind the palm trees). The Ghent based producer continues to explore his interest in post industrial and left field electronic music via experiments with cheap 2nd hand studio hardware and lo-fi production techniques. This collection presents some interesting finds from his journeys into the abstract.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Here is the recording of the radio program where I performed a short piece with my cassette noise project. Check it out from 1:03:10. It was nice to be in the studio and experience Sjoerd and his guest making radio. Thanks for having me!